Miracles of Creation

Ngoc Nguyen
Sep 2, 2022


A poem that conveys the grandeur of Creation in order to elicit the cosmic and the Divine…

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

The grandeur of this majestic scene,
the rising of the golden sun
with the rhythms of the Pleistocene,
together make the seasons run
in cycles of years never seen,
in cycles of time not begun.

Nature’s dawn, like Gaia on fire,
breathes with the humid lungs of life;
and spring, as if pregnant with desire,
bears earth’s vast nursery of wildlife:
and mortal humans, never higher
than the angels, seek eternal life.

Do men deserve a diviner way?
From whence come miracles of might?
It is a mystery today,
as when God saith, “Let there be light!”
and then our cosmos’s Milky Way
took form on the first day, and night.